Frequently asked questions


How much money can our group make per sale?

Spring 2020 Baskets 100 items $5.00 each 200 items $8.00 each 300+ items $10.00 each Freight is deducted from your sales. 500+ items includes free delivery. Fall 2020 Succulents & Houseplants $7.50 per order. Freight is deducted from your sales. Final payment as stated above will be sent to your group after delivery via cheque.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is calculated at $1.00 per kilometer round trip. Kilometers are calculated from Morinville, Alberta to your drop point address using google maps.

How do we sign up?

Call Deb at 1-780-515-1253 to get started. Once you're signed up we: - provide support for easy online ordering - create a printable handout - we create Facebook posts which will be shared in your area (we ask you to share them too) - keep you updated on sales numbers weekly - product is delivered to one location on date chosen together

What happens on delivery day?

One week before delivery, we send a reminder email to everyone that purchased a plant through your group about the pick up date/location/time. On delivery day your plants are loaded and delivered to your drop location, our staff will help unload the plants. We provide you with a binder that has every order printed, your group distributes the plants. (We recommend that you check off each order as "picked up").

When are the sign up deadlines and delivery dates?

Plants are grown to order. Next Fundraisers Hanging Baskets Spring 2020: - Sign up Sept 1 to January 15 each year - Start selling as soon as November 2nd each year. -Orders must be placed by February 14th, 2020 -Plants delivered June 2020

Orders can be collected in 2 ways.

1 - You will be provided with a website to direct customers to for easy online ordering and payment. 2 - A printable order form will be provided to you for those customers opting to place a manual order. (Payment must be collected from manual orders and sent in to us online).

I placed an order for a fundraiser. Can I pick it up at Debs Greenhouse?

No. All fundraiser orders will be delivered to one drop location, as determined by the fundraising group. This keeps the fundraiser efficient.